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Cedar Bark Mulch 1.5cf / 42.47L

Cedar Bark Mulch 1.5cf / 42.47L

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All Treat Cedar Bark Mulch is a natural, un-dyed product.  The fibers of Cedar Bark Mulch have an incredible ability to mat and knit together to form an effective barrier against weeds. This property also makes it the number one choice for using on steep slopes where erosion from wind and rain are a concern. Over time, this mulch turns into the beautiful silver color of aged cedar. All Treat Cedar Mulch will help reduce weeds, improves soil moisture retention capabilities, helps condition the soil and provides protection for plants from harsh weather.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Apply to a depth of 2″ inches thick if topping up last year’s mulch.  Apply to a depth of 3″ inches thick if applying mulch to a garden that has not been mulched previously.  To optimize color, turn the top 1″ inch of mulch with a fan rake if it appears dried out after a period of time.

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