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Hemlock CPM® Mulch 2cu.ft./56L

Hemlock CPM® Mulch 2cu.ft./56L

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GrowBetter Gardens™ Magnificent Mulch – Hemlock CPM® is a high quality, natural bark mulch that has been reclaimed from the bark branches, and outer ring of hemlock and pine trees.

Hemlock CPM® (composted pine mulch) has a rich red or deep orange colour, depending on the age of the mulch, providing a perfect complement to any garden.

  • Excellent weed control – Helps control weeds where chemical control cannot be used.
  • Increases soil retention – Aged bark helps to hold soil moisture, moderating the effects of extreme temperatures.
  • Creates a balanced ecosystem – As mulch naturally decomposes, it creates a more balanced ecosystem for plants and soil.
  • Beautifies gardens – Rich red to deep orange colour provides a beautiful background to plants and shrubs.
  • Pleasant aroma – Long lasting, aromatic fragrance of softwood hemlock and pine bark.


Use around trees, shrubs and flowers once plants have developed. Leave a 2 – 3″ space around tree trunks, home foundations, and wood structures. Hemlock CPM® should be applied at a 4” thickness to achieve the desired weed suppression and moisture retention. Annual top-up is recommended due to the natural decomposition of mulch.


Wear gloves and wash hands with soap and water after use.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest. Read label before using.

Ingredients: 100% tree bark.

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