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Delivery-Flatbed Truck

Delivery-Flatbed Truck

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Flatbed Tuck Delivery.

  1. Flatbed Truck is used to deliver items that can not be delivered in a dump truck.
  2. Items such as sod, patio stones, bulk bags, landscaping rock etc...
  3. Most of these items require a skid. (exceptions are bulk bags or large rocks)
  4. Skid deposits will apply. They are refundable upon return by the customer.
  5. Truck parks near your home on the road.
  6. An attached forklift removes item from truck and drives to your driveway for placement.
  7. Forklift can get to places that a truck can not, however it is 8 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Bulk Bags can be ordered online through the following independent web site.

Any other deliveries of flatbed products needs to be ordered in person or over the phone. 905 262 5155. Online ordering is not available for these items at this time.

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