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Delivery-Van/Small Item Delivery

Delivery-Van/Small Item Delivery

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Above price is picked up at our yard. Delivery extra.

Enjoy affordable delivery of many smaller products needed for gardening. Minimum purchase Of $50.00.

Please call 905-262-5155 to order or if you have any questions.

  • Small Item Delivery: We will do our best to deliver your items on the day requested and the spot requested. However unforeseen circumstances may occur and changes may have to be made. You will be notified of any delivery date changes. The following are some general considerations for you to be aware of when preparing for your delivery:
    • Always check receipt to make sure the delivery address is correct.
    • Place a marker where you would like your items placed, an X in chalk works well or a tarp securely placed so it does not blow away.
    • Keep in mind if you say left or right in your directions , drivers always use left or right as if he/she is looking at the house.
    • Please be advised that Small Item Delivery is done in a Van. The delivery vehicle will need to back into your driveway to the exact spot items will be placed. We do not carry items to back yard, around vehicles or put items in your garage.
    • If there is no marker indicating a spot for placement the driver will place items in the spot he/she feels is best.
    • Time of day for a Small Item Delivery is very difficult to give, so please be organized and have any vehicles removed from area where the items are to be placed.
    • If there is an obstruction (vehicles, trees, fence etc.. ) in the area requested, the driver will choose the next most appropriate spot to place your items.
    • Any questions please call 905 262 5155
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