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Polymeric Sand

Polymeric Sand

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 Sand for joints between interlocking brick.

The unique multi-purpose haze free pro formula with enhanced polymer binding technology

Evolution Polymeric SandThe Only Sand You'll Ever Need

Proven. Durable.

Horizontal or sloped surfaces, residential or high-traffic commercial applications. Stabilizes pavers, prevents erosion, ant hills & weed growth.  It will remain stable and flexible in the most extreme weather conditions and through freeze/thaw.

 One bag.  All joints

Tight joints for pavers, or wide for irregular stone?  No problem. Specifically engineered to cover joints as large as 4" wide, EV Evolution Polymeric Sand means that landscapers don't have to worry about what bag to grab for the job.  Evolution is all you need. 

Please note*** Caution on using a tamper. Make sure you check the recommendation on the paver or patio stone you are using.

For optimum results, watch Evolutions 5 minute installation video on there website

For instructions look at the following link. English is on page 2.

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