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Red Enhanced Mulch

Red Enhanced Mulch

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Above price is picked up at our yard. Delivery extra.

Red Enhanced Mulch is a colour enhanced mulch.


This type of mulch is a coloured mulch that is dyed red and processed from hardwood substrates. It is ground to a uniform fibrous texture


It is applied to a depth of 2”-3” to suppress weed and retains soil moisture.

Information about pick up options:

  • Sold by the cubic yard or half a cubic yard.  
  • Loaded by front end loader, customer would need a truck or trailer.
  • Also available are small fill your own bags, approximately 1.5 cubic feet. We provided the bag, you must come ready to fill and load the bag. Please bring a shovel. 
  • If you would like this product delivered see our delivery options here.

**Disclaimer:  please keep in mind that mulch is a natural product and that it may not look exactly like the picture**

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